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  1. Healing With Nutrition Information on nutrients and disease associations: Lists nutrient and lifestyle options with precautions and medical options.
  2. Beyond Vegetarianism Explores the varieties and psychology of idealistic diets which may lead to orthorexia nervosa, a syndrome of health and behavioral problems arising from strict adherence to alternative diets.
  3. Weston A. Price Foundation Information on the benefits of nutrient-dense foods and the foundation's agenda in the areas of education and research; articles on foods such as soy products.
  4. Naturopathy List of various herbs and plants that can increase stamina and energy levels. Scientific research information given.
  5. Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Offers courses in holistic and natural nutrition through distance education; participants earn the designation "Registered Holistic Nutritionist".
  6. NIH Office of Dietary Supplements--IBIDS Database A database of published scientific literature on dietary supplements including vitamins, minerals, and botanicals.
  7. Health Bulletin Alternative, preventive and complimentary health news. Factual health information from leading scientists to keep you up to date in this rapidly growing field.

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Good Feng Shui for the kitchen: Don't hang knives or scissors on the wall. Store your knives in a block and your scissors in a drawer. Anxiety and conflict is present if you show the cutting edges of these kitchen tools.

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