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TAI CHI - Also Known as TAI CHI CH’UAN, and is part of the Tai Chi Ch’uan System, which, originally, was a formidable martial art operating on several levels of awareness. It embodies Taoist Philosophy, and accordingly is extremely beneficial to good health. Tai Chi is a comprehensive series of gentle physical movements, and breathing techniques, with mental and spiritual intent, which allows you to experience a meditative state. It is calming and rejuvenating, and assists the body and mind to maintain balance, and exercises the body, mind and spirit, together with the internal organs. It includes both the inner and outer expressions of the body and mind. Here we are able to balance the Yin and Yang life force energy of Chi. In this way this system develops the ability to balance the “yielding and attacking” aspects in martial art combat. It has also been such a major influence in all the martial arts we see today....from the Glossary at HealersOfTheWorld.com

    Popular Tai Chi Sites 

  1. Tai Chi Teaching Brief introduction to the philosophy, history and explanation of Yang-style. Includes photographs of postures.
  2. Chen Style Taijiquan Extensive info on the history, style, weapons, training, and masters of this form.
  3. Terry Chan's Chinese Martial Arts Various articles and links about Chinese internal martial arts.
  4. Tai Chi Network Seeks to provide geographic listings of events, teachers, and information for the Tai Chi community.
  5. Basic Taoism Beliefs Excerpt from an online book titled Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze.
  6. The International Chen Style Taijiquan Association

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