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  1. Prescription pain relief for persistent pain Offers FAQ and prescribing info.
  2. Painlab.com Offers info on pain research, medications and treatment methodologies. Has a bulletin section for visitors to ask advice on chronic pain and other pain related topics.
  3. Worldwide Congress on Pain Extensive online library of pain articles for patients and practitioners.
  4. Pain Medicine and Palliative Care Online lectures on pain mechanics and treatment of pain.
  5. Medtronic.com Provides resources on therapies for the treatment and management of back pain, cancer pain, and other chronic pain conditions.
  6. OncologyChannel - Cancer Pain Resources Info and resources to help deal with the physical pain associated with cancer treatment.

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Excerpt from the book Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze:   "So, what I have looked for are books and ideas that seem to bridge gaps, or that may not fit that religion's conventional wisdom. Plus, I have looked for ideas that are not in significant conflict with my own psychological ideas and concepts about the human soul. What has emerged is my belief that there is an essential Taoism that fits well with an essential Buddhism, that is congruent with an essential Hinduism, and all fit well with an essential Christianity. Can the essential teachings of these religions be found now, over 2,000 years after these avatars' incarnations? My answer is, "often, yes.""   Continued here - free read.

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