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Vioxx, as a drug, did what it was supposed to, be of big help for arthritis sufferers; but unfortunately the side effects were often serious or even fatal. Vioxx was much in the news during 2004, when it was recalled worldwide, as a result of significantly increased risks of heart attack and strokes in long-term users of the drug. Many lawsuits have been filed, claiming that Merck had knowledge of such side effects years earlier and had stonewalled the truth. Their defense in court has typically been that claimants cannot be sure the ill effects came from the drug and therefore, Merck should not be liable.

    Popular Vioxx Sites 

  1. Food & Drug Administration Vioxx Consumer Information What is Vioxx used for? Find info here.
  2. Information on the Vioxx Recall and associated litigation, provided by a North Carolina law firm.
  3. Vioxx Recall, an information resource about the Vioxx recall, Vioxx side effects and lawsuits.
  4. Learn about Vioxx Find info on the treatment of osteoarthritis symptoms and pain.
  5. Information on Vioxx Recall due to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.
  6. Prescribing information on Vioxx provided by RxList.
  7. Ennis & Ennis, a Florida law firm, offers Vioxx information.

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