Xenical (Alli) for Weight Loss & Side Effects

13:26:23 GMT, Wed, Aug 16, 2017

Xenical (also known as Alli) is a fat absorption inhibitor that works by preventing your body from breaking down and absorbing some of the fat eaten with your meals. This unabsorbed fat is then eliminated in bowel movements. Alli is now available without a prescription in the USA.

Xenical (Alli) Side Effects- are most often fecal changes. The following are most common (percentage of people with this side effect in brackets): oily spotting (up to 26%), flatus with discharge (up to 24%), fecal urgency (up to 22%), fatty/oily stool (up to 20%), oily evacuation (up to 11%), increased defecation (up to 11%), fecal incontinence (up to 8%).

Weight Loss Drugs are NOT a cure-all and should be combined with physical exercise and better diet for them to have lasting effects. There seem to be three popular alternatives nowadays: xenical (which is the same as Alli), meridia and phentermine (which is the same as adipex). Note: safety and effectiveness of xenical and meridia have not been established for usage beyond 2 years.

Weight Loss Drug Side Effects are usually mild; however, serious complications have been reported. Consult with your doctor! Most mild symptoms become less or disappear as your body adjusts to the drug. Phentermine is not for longterm usage, for there is significant possibility for drug dependence; also, its effectiveness at helping folks lose weight is usually minimal, a fraction of a pound loss a week. More Phentermine Side Effects. Meridia is a prescription drug similar to Prozac which affects how full of food a person feels; therefore Meridia's side effects will be similar to mood enhancing drugs.

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