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Zocor is the brand name (simvastatin=generic) for a drug that reduces "bad" cholesterol. Zocor has actually been shown to reduce death rates by reducing "bad" cholesterol concentrations in people with heart disease. Zocor has been proven to reduce heart attacks, chest pain, and deaths due to heart attack.

Side Effects The most commonly reported adverse reactions in Zocor clinical trials were: upper respiratory infections (up to 9.0%), headache (up to 7.4%), abdominal pain (up to 7.3%), constipation (up to 6.6%), and nausea (up to 5.4%). These numbers were not that much different from those in the trials who received placebos. This drug is usually well tolerated, but rarely does cause significant side effects; therefore, talk with your doctor!

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  4. Zocor and Impotence Within one week some men developed impotence. Happily, within one week after stopping zocor, sexual function was restored.
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  6. eMedicine Health provides patient medication information and resources about Zocor.

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