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Kitchen Feng Shui - Cooking Tips

22:35:12 GMT, Mon, May 21, 2018

These archived Feng Shui kitchen tips emphasize ways to enhance the energies in your kitchen to promote health, wealth and well-being.

Good Feng Shui for the kitchen: If you cook with your back to the entrance hang a mirror on the wall or position a shiny kettle on the stove.

Good Feng Shui for the kitchen: Have something living on display in your kitchen. A bowl of fresh fruit implies care of your family. A small pot of flowers or of herbs is good too.

Get rid of clutter. Clutter contributes to financial logjams and cash flow problems. Get organized!

Don't hang knives or scissors on the wall. Store your knives in a block and your scissors in a drawer. Anxiety and conflict is present if you show the cutting edges of these kitchen tools.

Good Feng Shui for the kitchen: Keep a bowl of 9 (because it's a good Feng Shui power number) oranges (good luck) on display in your kitchen. Make sure all of the oranges are still good. Bad fruit is bad Feng Shui.

Throw out plates that have been chipped (or give them to your sister to use for her mosaic work). Using chipped plates attracts stagnant chi energy.

Good Feng Shui for the kitchen: Keep brooms and mops out of sight. Store them upside down with the business ends of them up in the air. The reason for this is so that intruders are kept out and the family's finances are not swept away.


Today's Cooking Tip

A sneaky trick that is better for your family's health is to take a small piece of tape and cover over half of the holes in the salt shaker on the inside of the lid. Less salt - healthier hearts.

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