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This pop psychology test is about 80%= psychology play & humor and 20%=mild-brain-food. Has Sigmund Freud passed his knowledge of psychotherapy, Freudian psychology, humor and psychoanalysis to you via reincarnation? Examine your skills on this playful sneaky pop psychology test created by a non- Freudian who believes that laughter and humor are useful helpers for improving mental health. Answers here. Was Sigmund Freud your previous incarnation?


Male FemaleMore, please

1. Freud's psychology theory once focused upon the female condition of "penis envy." Concerning this Freudian condition
Miss Piggy suffered from penis envy
Karen Horney was well known for her penis envy ideas.
Sigmund Freud's ideas were correct

2. For a healthier USA society, it would be better if we physically touched each other more often

3. For many of us, hatred is very difficult. It is recommended that hatred
usually be avoided
usually be expressed directly to those whom one hates
always be felt but only expressed in limited circumstances

4. Freud thought he understood what a woman wanted.

5. In terms of your day-to-day happiness, which one of the following psychology areas is much less important than the others?
body condition
emotional responses
spiritual ideas

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