Freud Quiz Answers

1. A famous psychology theory focused upon the female condition of "penis envy." Concerning this condition
Miss Piggy suffered from it
Karen Horney was well known for her ideas on the topic
Freud's ideas were correct Note the word "WERE" - (his era)

Concerning Miss Piggy, who knows what lurks in her mind? Concerning Karen Horney, she was a famous therapist who was well known for her observations about various personality types.
Was Freud actually right? For his time, he was. Consider the fact that such "penis envy" starts around the age of five. In HIS society, girls were very much second class citizens when compared with boys and furthermore, one's sexual equipment was a forbidden topic of conversation, even with a girl's mother. The logic of a five-year-old is simple: "He gets treated better than me. The only thing I see different between us is the fact that he has a penis. Therefore, I wish I had one so that I could get treated better by my parents." Today in western societies the condition is quite rare, but IMO Freud was right for his society of 100 years ago.

2. For a healthier USA society, it would be better if we physically touched each other more often

Certainly! An excerpt from my book concerning amounts and quality of touching is available to you right now with just a click of your mouse.

3. For many of us, hatred is very difficult. It is recommended that hatred
usually be avoided
usually be expressed directly to those whom one hates
always be felt but only expressed in limited circumstances

Concerning hatred, it is recommended that:
it always be felt (denying or permanently avoiding ANY of one's emotions is never recommended). But (as an adult) hatred had best be expressed only in limited circumstances, such as by oneself, sometimes with a significant other, or in therapy. For much more about hatred, see my article about anger & hatred and tips about rage & hate.

4. Freud thought he understood what a woman wanted.

One of Freud's most widely quoted statements was:
The great question...which I have not been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is "What does a woman want?"
He was honest. It is too bad that some revisionist history folks have concluded that Freud knew nothing about women. He did know penis envy; see first question above. He was a brilliant pioneer who knew some things and did not know others. How unusual that someone like that was not afraid to admit his ignorance!

5. In terms of your day-to-day happiness, which one of the following is much less important than the others?
body condition
emotional responsesI warned you this quiz might be sneaky.
spiritual ideas

Each of these is vital and crucial to your day-to-day happiness. The four realms of human existence have been said to be the body, emotions, mind and spirit. This somewhat tricky question may reveal to you something. What area did you select as least important? This is likely to be the area YOU tend to overlook the most. For many of you this area would be "spirit". My self-help psychology book's longest chapter, titled "spirituality", discusses many common unhappy spiritual (I do not mean religious) beliefs, and how they can be rather easily changed.

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