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For your superior survivorship skills, you have won the

Gruelling Test Survivor Award

The dedicated perseverance you have demonstrated by finishing this gruelling Are You Sigmund Freud? examination process makes you eminently worthy of this award. Congratulations and may you be humbly prideful of such high honor.

For your superior quiz performance, you have also won the

Joyful Freud Award

He doesn't look very joyful with either you or your performance on this test, does he? Perhaps he has just discovered he had to live YOUR life next. I did consult my own 100% reliable oracle (my magic 8-ball) and asked if you were the next incarnation of Freud. The response was "without a doubt;" so there is your proof.

So you got ALL the answers right? And you think you deserve a special award for excellence in deciphering my sneaky mind. All right, you get your special button, which you may download and wear with my permission. Here it is:

I Was Sigmund Freud - Who Were You?

P.S. The above awards are all PRETEND awards. (Yes, I know YOU knew this, but there are always a few...)


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