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Fulfillment by William Cavendish

There is no happier life
...But in a wife;
The comforts are so sweet
...When two do meet.
'Tis plenty, peace, a calm
...Like dropping balm;
Love's weather is so fair,
...Like perfumed air.
Each word such pleasure brings
...Like soft-touched strings;
Love's passion moves the heart
...On either part;
Such harmony together,
...So pleased in either.
No discords; concord still;
...Sealed with one will.
By love, God made man one,
...Yet not alone.
Like stamps of king and queen
...It may be seen:
Two figures on one coin,
...So do they join,
Only they not embrace.
...We, face to face.

.....Fulfillment by William Cavendish (1592-1676)

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