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  Affirmations, What Works, What Doesn't (Page 2)  

Big Lie. You most likely will need to do an affirmation 400-500 times daily if it is a "big lie" (i.e. your affirmation is "I weigh 132lb" when the scale would reveal 200lb). In the case of a big lie you need to self-hypnotize yourself with the excessive repetition, otherwise the part of you that knows the falsehood will cynically respond "yeah right". This self-hypnosis (or you might call it heavy advertising or brainwashing or overpowering) is absolutely essential for the process to take hold. Once you repeat the affirmation hundreds of times, there is a small part of you that starts to say "perhaps"- it is this shadow of doubt that will allow in new experiences and new behaviors. Suddenly when confronted with an old familiar behavior pattern, you realize that there is another choice available for you.

VIP Affirmations- affirmed 400-500X daily
Lesser Affirmations - affirmed 10X twice daily

Small Lie. How about small lies, like "I pay my bills on time every month"? This behavior change is not large; and even though it might be a lie, it is not that difficult to align yourself with, and just turning your attention to that affirmation on a daily basis may be enough to make it happen for you next month. If it doesn't feel like a "big deal" to you, then affirmations which are small lies can probably be successfully accomplished on a 10X twice-daily basis.

Truthful Affirmations. The affirmations which are the truth already for you ("I am loving" for example) can be approached either by affirming it 400-500X daily or 10X twice-daily basis (this won't manifest as fast). Such a truthful affirmation will tend to make what you affirm happen more and more frequently in your life. The more often you make such an affirmation, the sooner and more frequently it will manifest.

Not Recommended. Trying to manifest a long term relationship by this method is NOT recommended. Many have tried; what often shows up unhappily is a relationship where you get to work on your stuff, your issues, your difficulties. The recommendation for those wanting to manifest a soul mate or long-term-relationship is to concentrate on your loving, loving more and perhaps loving different folks than customary for you. In other words, extend your loving and you will prepare yourself for a healthy relationship. On the other hand, if all you wish at the moment is a great sexual relationship, go for it with an affirmation like "I have a great sex partner"!

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