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  Affirmations, What Works, What Doesn't (Page 3)  

The Process. So you start saying an affirmation hundreds of times a day. What can you expect to have happen? Within a day or two you will start to manifest some resistance to this affirmation; you may "forget", "reconsider", "decide it won't work" etc. You will very likely be confronted with at least one, perhaps several, of the reasons why you have the current situation; there are usually many reasons why the current situation is as it is. You will have to change your ideas and beliefs to manifest the affirmation. If you are unwilling or unable to make these necessary changes, you will soon stop the affirmations, probably claiming "they didn't work" instead of the more accurate, "I'm not ready for that yet." No matter- try the affirmation(s) that feel right- your resistance to some of them may not be that strong and you can easily manifest at least part of your desires.

My Personal Experience. When I started a new 500X/day affirmation about my own weight (mostly middle age spread), within 24 hours I was feeling yucky, out of sorts, irritable, cranky- you get the picture. This is unhappily a not uncommon reaction that will need to be worked through in your best fashion. Such a reaction is a clear indicator that there is something psychological that one does not wish to face. So face it if you can- ask yourself the question if all is unclear, "how does the current situation [overweight or whatever else YOU are trying to change] serve me"? In my case the issue that day was what I call "God-emptiness." I was overeating at times instead of feeling how empty I felt about the lack of God in my life. The deciphered message was that if I wanted to lose weight I needed to get God more in my life; at the time I "just happened" to be reading Walsch's wonderful book, Friendship with God.

In summary, affirmations do work very well. If they fail, it is most likely because we are resisting the necessary changes in our lives which have to occur before that affirmation can manifest.

If you do encounter difficulties (or are in therapy already), you might try a SLOWER route by using affirmation(s) which talk about "noticing my behavior:" (i.e. I notice my food behaviors, I notice my stubbornness, I notice my irritations/anger, I notice my money behaviors, etc.)

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