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  The Bashing of Psychology (Page 1 of 3)  

Oh, how these New Age folks love to bash psychology! 1."Freud was obviously a chauvinist pig." 2."The ego is sick and needs to be avoided wherever it shows up." 3."As for psychology- been there done that. Psychology is a very limited and limiting way of looking at things." 4."Anger and other uncomfortable emotions are unspiritual- meditate them away!" 5."Wherever you have a psychological problem, just shine God's love on it long enough and it will be healed." Etc. Etc. Etc. These ideas, obviously self-serving, serve the purpose of keeping such "spiritual" folks unknowingly ensnared in their old psychological dramas they are so sure they are beyond.

Have you read the condescension and scorn some folks have heaped on Freud's theory about penis envy? I see Freud as a careful observer who recognized what he saw and accurately reported it. Penis envy is rare (almost non-existent) in today's society because our parenting has changed so dramatically. But please read the answers to my Are You Sigmund Freud Quiz that explains why I believe that he was absolutely correct about penis envy.

I find it interesting that ego, a perfectly valid psychological concept (think of the ego simply as your onboard conscious computer), is routinely and regularly put down by most of those following "spiritual" paths. "It is bad, limiting, needs to be overcome, et cetera, et cetera, etc." Such putdowns reflect the avoidance and unwillingness to face psychological issues of those making such putdowns.

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