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  The Bashing of Psychology (Page 2 of 3)  

I suggest you think of your ego as a necessary part of your being: the part that helps you operate in day-to-day reality, the part that figured out the roads you took to get to work today, the decisions about what groceries to buy, the part that figures out your best way to do laundry, etc.

The wounded ego or neurotic ego is what most who put the ego down are really talking about, the ego that gets upset over trivia or over long-ago issues. To get beyond the woundedness or neurosis usually requires a careful psychological look at what is happening (outside of therapy for most of us), which is precisely what is conveniently avoided by globally condemning the ego. How convenient! I agree such avoidance is better than going for a cigarette, drink or happy pill; but it will have the same effect of keeping the difficulty around forever.

"As for psychology- been there, done that! Psychology is a very limited and limiting way of looking at things." Ah yes! That reminds me of someone who says; "Today I finally saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time and stuck my big toe in the water. Now I know everything about the Pacific Ocean." Psychology is a rather large topic which many seek desperately to pigeonhole; for if I pigeonhole it, then I can act as if I had nothing further to learn from it. Then I don't have to look at my remaining psychological issues.

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