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  The Bashing of Psychology (Page 3 of 3)  

Many New Age folks might say: "Anger and other uncomfortable emotions are unspiritual- meditate them away!" All heavy/uncomfortable emotions are suspect to these folks: anger, rage, hate, pain, grief, sobbing, hopelessness, helplessness, tears, shame, guilt, etc.

I remember several years ago being in a 1/2 day "spiritual" retreat in which it was supposedly OK to be emotionally expressive. So I did wind up feeling some grief and pain from my infancy. What a surprise to find that a few seconds after my grief started, the leader of the group started leading the rest of the group in a spiritual song! Such deeper levels of childhood pain were obviously uncomfortable for that leader and he rescued the group from it also. He probably told himself he was helping my healing process with such song. In truth, it just felt peculiar, out of place and antagonistic to my process. But I knew enough so that I just continued feeling my pain and grief until it reached its natural healed end. Such "spiritual" patterns of avoidance of difficult emotions are really little different from those of the overeater, alcoholic or addict who grab the handiest fix to avoid such emotions.

"Wherever you have a psychological problem, just shine God's love on it long enough and it will be healed." This is probably the all-time favorite approach of many "spiritually-minded" folks to psychological difficulties. And it often works! And it often just hides the problem until the next time, the same way such difficulties can be hidden by smoking, drinking or drug use.

So how do you tell whether such action is useful/valid or whether it is just an addictive fix? Since shining God's love on a difficulty is easy and fast, I recommend trying it on everything that comes up. If the same difficulty or issue returns, then it is likely that something different may be required of you to rid yourself permanently of the difficulty. And when the same difficulty returns and returns, you are resisting something. Heavy emotions are what "spiritual" folks most often resist; if you are afraid of ANY emotion, you must resist it and will try most any method of hiding it, from drugs to shining God's love on whatever reminds you of it (this emotion). Try reading Chapters 9&10 of my book for more on these emotions which most everyone fears.

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