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  The Road Almost Never Taken  

Have you ever thought much about your stubbornness, your impatience, your arrogance, your self-deprecation, your martyrdom? One or two of these adjectives describe most all of us at times and you probably think "that's the way I am sometimes". These features of our personalities serve us well as resistances to the things we had best learn if we desire to manifest our potentials.

One particularly valuable New Age teaching, described in the book Messages from Michael, speaks many words about these personality characteristics. These characteristics are called our "chief negative feature" (we usually display 1-2 of these unlovely characteristics). The goal of those following this teaching is to get rid of this feature bit by bit so that the true personality can shine forth. And like all change processes, it can be rather tricky: for example, stubbornness (usually unknowingly) lurks in procrastination and arrogance often times lurks in lateness.

To rid yourself of your chief feature is a worthy goal. To do that will probably require consistent efforts over the course of months and/or years. If you now decide not to pursue these efforts, that's OK; for you will no doubt get the chance to do so in your next lifetime because the chance was not seized in this lifetime.

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