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  You Get What You Concentrate On (Page 1)  

This implies that to get love, you need to concentrate on love and to get fewer negative things, you need to concentrate less on them. This has strong applications concerning our fears ands worries; the fears and worries we concentrate on tend to DRAW these unwanted experiences to us!

The typical pessimist gets more disasters because he/she is a pessimist. Could this be why the eternal optimist, Ronald Reagan, eternally confounded the opposition with his "good luck"? It wasn't luck at all, he got what he concentrated on!

Rarely are right-wing republicans or left-wing democrats happy folks, precisely because both groups concentrate on unhappy things.

The right-winger who tends to religiosity may see evil everywhere, may find himself "needing" weapons for "defense", and be outraged if you do not agree with what he knows to be "right and just". He gets many so-called "evil" people/experiences in his life. This is probably not the stance of most of those reading this page, because this section will attract more New Age people who think themselves beyond such ideas. But please read on to the next page where YOUR sacred political beliefs will probably be gored.

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