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  You Get What You Concentrate On (Page 2)  

On the other end of the political spectrum, a liberal democrat usually sees only the ills of society. In my book, Be Your Own Therapist, I wrote about the fact that blacks here in the USA with a B+ average have a better chance than whites of getting into college. I received an email from one "concerned" liberal who wished I had NOT said that because it might lead to less funding and more discrimination. Wow! I would hope instead that black parents would hear somehow of this and be far more demanding of their children school-wise. Isn't a B+ average possible for just about everyone no matter their color? Informing blacks of this opportunity is something that could beneficially be shouted from every rooftop!!! Instead, liberals would have us keep quiet about it! Have you heard Jesse Jackson or other liberals speaking of this opportunity or are they still only concentrating on all the negative societal ills?

My overall recommendation: start concentrating on the positive. If the negative does show up, that is your life lesson arriving. What do you need to do to move BEYOND the negativity? This could be a many-year task which will require considerable effort. But it is a task which develops inner peace bit by bit, instead of being locked in the old ways of concentrating on the negative, which produces more negative.

Therefore, be a liberal or conservative if that be your choice. But both are frequently unhappy life stances that often emphasize the negative and thus attract more negative experiences and people. Remember the general rule: you get more of what you concentrate on.

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