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  Two Cornerstones of Successful Manifestation  

Are you really serious about your spiritual path, or are you basically toying with spirituality? Isn't your goal here on earth to be loving and joyful more and more of the time? Yet we go off in all sorts of directions (a new path, a new book, go for a reading, seek a guru) without tending to two very basic issues: 1.our bodies and 2.our meditating.

Without a reasonable amount of exercise or meditation we are dragging an anchor behind us, slowing down our progress towards the things we desire. Most of us think exercise and meditation will require too-large amounts of time and energy. Not at all! A reasonable level of fitness can be achieved with a schedule of 10 minutes of MILD aerobics 3X a week. So too a great start in meditation would be to do that 3X a week for 10 minutes each time. An important psychological behavior modification principle: START SMALL. There will be many who judgmentally tell you such lengths of time are not enough, or useless, or whatever; do not listen to them. Start small and then LATER find your best length of times for these things. I am a firm believer that 10 minutes 3X a week for meditation (same for exercise) is PLENTY for those leading busy lives, which is the case for many of us.

Your body is your current spiritual vehicle. If you have a couch-potato body, it is dragging down your vitality, your aliveness and your joy. Your emotional state is getting dragged down by that depressed body. Yet, you expect the next spiritual book you read to overcome this and to bring you joy and vitality?

If you are not meditating, how are you tuning in to what spirit might want or be interested in? Without meditation, you are neither reaching for what is within you nor allowing spirit to give you messages you wish to hear.

Without meditation, you are showing that you are not that serious yet about your spirituality or manifesting your potential. Without regular exercise, you are demonstrating likewise. When are you going to get serious?

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