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  Feelings Never Lie
(But They Can Be a Trap) (Page 1 of 2)  

Have you ever read or heard the words "feelings never lie"? But what does that mean? Most equate their feelings with the truth. But the truth actually involved is YOUR truth at the moment and says nothing about larger truths, others' truths or your truth a year from now.

One of the most important things I have learned in over 30 years associated with personal growth and psychology is the importance of treating every discomforting feeling, every irritation, and every upset as a signal that for my own happiness and peace of mind I MUST GROW somewhere somehow. If I learn/change what is there for me to learn/change, then either 1.I will not be discomfited next time or 2.The situation will not repeat itself.

Yes, this is no doubt contrary to what you have learned about feelings and how reality works; but it is my truth and I suggest that you consider adopting it as your own. For it is the way towards clarity and inner peacefulness. While the above is easy to state in a few words, the explanations are not amenable to 30second sound bytes. To understand where I am coming from on "discomfiting feelings never lie and always show me my growth path", please read this page, all the manifesting pages here, as well as the spirituality chapter from my book, Be Your Own Therapist (free and online).

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