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  Feelings Never Lie
(But They Can Be a Trap) (Page 2) 

I am absolutely sure that Nazis in the 1930s would have truly FELT the truth of "whatever the government decides about our Jewish problem is OK". Those fighting for pro-choice (in the abortion debate) FEEL one way, those fighting on the right-to-life side FEEL the opposite. Each of them knows they are right and usually the opposite side is considered unfeeling and uncaring.

What we learned "feels right", because we have been trained that way, frequently almost to the point of brainwashing. Yet it is often those very things that feel so comfortable that we will have to let go if we are to manifest our potentials, physically, emotionally or spiritually.

So how do you know if what feels right about X (situation or person) is a trap? You don't. But you would be wise to say to yourself about your feelings- "they are mine, and only my current truth". Unhappily, many of us then start thinking everyone should feel this way "because my truth is, of course, everyone's truth".

Eventually, when the time comes for you to change to a different truth, then you will start getting uncomfortable situations/feelings about X. Treat discomfort with X as a sign that you need to make some thinking/emotional/behavioral changes, changes that you are very likely to resist. When we resist, we trap ourselves in old worn-out truths.

So- when you read in your tomes of wisdom (Walsch's Friendship with God, for example) that "feelings never lie" please be VERY CAUTIOUS. Do not assume feelings to be anything but your truth at the moment. And do not start judging or proselytizing others because they feel differently (i.e. their truth is different).

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