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Manifesting Your Potential

Yes, you may jump ahead to read about manifesting love, money or weight-loss (links to your left and down), but you need to come back to read all about the manifesting process before starting any love, money, or weight-loss manifesting efforts.

This manifesting section of the ABCs of Personal Growth website is aimed towards those: 1.who are oriented towards more spiritual matters, 2.who wish to grow spiritually and manifest their true potentials and 3.who believe that just getting rid of old psychological stuff and achieving worldly pleasures are not considered one's full potential.

The stages of manifestation are: 1.Think of what you wish to manifest. 2.Say these wishes out loud and 3.Actualize them in reality. This manifesting section will emphasize all three of these stages (for the third stage before our desires actually manifest, it is of use to pretend, to act as if, to create vivid fantasies and to practice tiny behaviors in the appropriate directions).

This manifesting section is NOT oriented towards one particular spiritual or religious orientation and will be offensive to many who believe they have the ONE TRUE PATH. Instead, there are principles which govern many spiritual and religious paths that can be chosen without following a specific orientation. It is discussion of these principles and ideas which this section undertakes.

It is NEVER implied by me that any one idea is the truth, but I often imply that those who believe X, Y or Z will be happier and less stressed than those who believe U, V or W. The spiritual choices we make also strongly affect our well-being; current choices by billions of folks make for unhappiness and discontent that different choices would go a long way to alleviating. Are they wrong? NO!!!!! That is a judgment, to believe they are wrong, and judgments are a sure route to continued unhappiness for me and anyone else who makes them. Instead, I see such people as stressed and unhappy; perhaps these words will somehow reach them so that they start making happier and less stressful choices.

Consider this section to be an extension of the Spirituality chapter of my book. Manifesting and spirituality are obviously strongly interrelated and these two groups of web pages look at issues through slightly different lenses. Please read them both!

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