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  Manifesting Love (Page 1 of 3)  

Note: For maximum speed of love's arrival, please read ALL the manifesting pages linked to your left. Manifesting love is only slightly different from manifesting anything else.

Know this first of all: it is YOUR ideas and beliefs about love that are keeping love away from you. You must change them. Also, it is NOT recommended that you try to manifest your soul mate or a long-term-relationship. Why? Because if you try that out of neediness rather than real readiness, you will manifest love all right, neurotic conditional love. And haven't you had enough of that type of neediness exchange? Instead, the recommendation here is to spend your efforts on increasing love in all areas of your life, particularly where you have difficulties loving. And if you really want just a great new sex partner, then that should be rather easy to manifest; just don't presume that new great sex partner is anything but a short term affair.

How about trying some of the affirmations on the next page that apply to you? (By all means modify them to suit your wishes and desires.) But do challenge yourself with at least one of the affirmations (about abortion, political parties, sexuality, your body, or violence perhaps) that are difficult for you.

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