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What you need to do:
1. Find your own #1 most important affirmation concerning love. Whichever affirmation you select, it needs to be spoken 400-500 times a day. Also, write it out 10-20X daily. And remember to voice it with feeling and enthusiasm!
2. Then select a few others, perhaps 5-10, or perhaps you create a few of your own; say them 10X twice a day starting your SECOND week. In this group of 5-10 I recommend you include at least one affirmation you know you can make happen; when it does happen, this will reinforce what you are doing and also will make all the rest of your affirmations more likely to come true. And remember to voice them with feeling and enthusiasm!
3. Expect a love reverse of some sort- this is a message from the universe asking "do you really intend to have more love?" To which the best reply is to continue with your affirmations and to the best of your ability work through whatever "negative" things are happening .
4. Expect some psychological issues to arise concerning love- there will be a mini-psych-war between your old beliefs and your new affirmations. Hopefully you will be able to work your way through those old inhibiting beliefs; if you can't, then the manifesting process may stop. Be aware that such love affirmations bring up whatever you have not resolved from your childhood traumas; likely you will need an effective means of personal growth, whether self-help or more formal therapy to work your way through these issues.
5. These affirmations will attract love to you, love from and to many differing people. The timing depends upon you, your commitment to the process, your ongoing choices and how much inner-child love trauma you have yet to resolve.
6. Be prepared to change your goals! You may come to the conclusion that the love you are trying to manifest is not the best for you. Then change your affirmations to suit your new knowledge! No big deal.

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