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  Manifesting Money (Page 1 of 3)  

Note: For maximum speed in $$$ arrival, please read ALL the manifesting pages linked to your left. Manifesting money is only slightly different from manifesting anything else.

Know this first of all: it is YOUR ideas and beliefs about money that are keeping monetary abundance away from you. You must change them. Typically Democrats have more inhibiting money beliefs than Republicans- "it is wrong for me to have money when others do not" or "Anyone who has money becomes/is unfeeling and uncaring" are typical inhibiting beliefs. You MUST come to the viewpoint that money itself is OK.

Overall, money is one of the easiest things to manifest, because whatever psychological garbage we have about money is usually much less than the garbage we have about love/right-work/our-path/weightloss.

Affirmations which will tend to attract money to you: Money is OK. I earn $3000 a month doing things I love and enjoy. I love having money. I love spending money on my favorite causes. I love giving money away. I love the freedom of having money. I have $500,000 to spend on my education center. I have $100,000 for my new home. I live in an abundant universe. I always have everything I really need. I am the source of my abundance. My debts show my and others' beliefs in my earning ability. I accept prosperity and abundance into my life. People honor and value my work. All the $$$ I spend helps others and comes back to me multiplied. I am grateful for all the money I have and earn. I am open to receive money. I give generously to myself and others. I am generous. I feel great about all the money I spend.

Note: Be SPECIFIC about amounts of money- change the two affirmations with $$$ amounts above to your own $$$ numbers.

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