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  Manifesting Money (Page 2 of 3)  

Get your Fantasies Going. Develop very specific fantasies about all the ways you intend to spend the added monies coming to you. New clothes? Plan your shopping now, your trying them on and paying for them by drawing $100 bills from your bulging wallet. Which new car are you selecting? The red one? The small reliable vehicle or your first BMW? Or a used late-model RELIABLE vehicle? Plan it out. How about paying off your old bills? What would you do to celebrate your last one?

Give $5 to that street person in your fantasies and also out there in real life (that will make it more effective and real to you). For a cause you believe to be worthwhile, give MORE than your usual amount NOW. Picture in your mind giving them a whole lot more when you have your desired income. Remember: you get what you concentrate on- if you have no $$$ fantasies going, then you are not concentrating that much, and money is much less likely to manifest for you or will take much longer.

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