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What you need to do:
1. Find your own VIP affirmation concerning money. One effective affirmation to speak out loud concerning money is "I earn $___ per month doing things I love and enjoy" (Fill in your desired amount). Whichever affirmation you select, it needs to be spoken 400-500 times a day. Also, write it out 10-20X daily. And remember to voice it with feeling and enthusiasm!
2. Then select a few others, perhaps 5-10, or perhaps you create a few of your own; say them 10X twice daily. And remember to voice them with feeling and enthusiasm!
3. Expect a monetary reverse of some sort- this is a message from the universe asking "do you really intend to have more money?" To which the best reply is to continue with your affirmations. When I was attempting to manifest more money, within a week a check got lost in the mail (the first time this ever happened to me).
4. Expect some psychological issues to arise concerning money- there will be a mini-psych-war between your old beliefs and your new affirmations. Hopefully you will be able to work your way through those old inhibiting beliefs; if you can't, then the manifesting process may stop. In my case what immediately arose 24 hours after starting money affirmations was an old "money is tight" belief of my mother's which I had adopted as a child; this needed to get released. When you have too many old inhibiting beliefs that you do not change, then manifesting more money will NOT happen.
5. You can certainly hope that money will manifest almost immediately, but often it may take a few months for you to align yourself with your own prosperity. Most of us change slowly and deliberately at our own paces. Honor that, respect your process, and know that more monies are on the way provided you are willing to continue to change.
6. Be prepared to change your goals! You may come to the conclusion that the amounts of money you are trying to manifest are not the best for you. Then adjust those amounts! No big deal. If your VIP affirmation seems stale, add fantasies with pictures in your mind of fat wallets or wads of $100 bills, or $100 bills raining down on you every month (picture one of these hundreds of times a day).

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