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  The Land Beyond !@#& Preferences  

Think of your preferences as being in two categories, those with emotional hooks in you and those without such hooks. Those with hooks (i.e. you will be bothered if you do not get that preference), I am calling !@#& preferences. An example of what I am calling plain preferences: you are happy with vanilla ice cream when your preferred chocolate runs out.

If God has no !@#& preferences (i.e. Mother Teresa over Hitler or pro-choice vs. right-to-life or Democrat over Republican), is this something you wish to emulate? When Neale Donald Walsch channeled this idea about God having no !@#& preferences in Conversations With God, he was incredulous about it. (Walsch just used the word "preferences" but in my opinion meaning what I call "!@#& preferences.") I have found the same incredulity among virtually everyone with whom I have mentioned this issue; "Thanks but no thanks" with a distasteful facial expression is the typical response. And so, with that "no thanks" they keep themselves trapped in the unhappy land of judgments and !@#& preferences.

Yet.... If you believe that whatever is manifested in reality is in the current best interests of all, that must include the actions of all of the following: Mother Teresa, Hitler, Democrats, Republicans, pro-choicers and right-to-lifers. The stumbling block here is our right-wrong judgments that we refuse to give up. One route towards a fuller acceptance is to examine the things that the world and the Jews would not have learned without Hitler, to see the sick dependencies that social welfare programs have created, and to see the basic humanity on the other side of the abortion debate. And to this you likely respond "well I can't see it that way". OK. I accept that. You choose to remain with 99%+ of the population in the unhappy land of !@#& preferences. And you no doubt consider some of the ideas on this page quite offensive. So be it.

If you do choose to follow the more difficult road of "no !@#& preferences", you will be confronted for months and years with your !@#& preferences. They need to be weeded out one by one. Often a useful question to ask is, "how could I think differently about this"? This is a lonely road chosen by few, but a road leading towards inner peace and tranquility.

For over seven years as I have followed the road of "discomfiting feelings show me where to grow/change", what has happened is that more and more I find myself in Walsch's described land of no (!@#&) preferences. Two examples: 1.I really have no preference about abortion rights for I see real humaneness in BOTH sides of the argument (as well as judgmental traps on both sides). 2.I really had no preferences in the recent presidential Florida election drama. People often get pouty when they discover I am not polarized into either side on these issues; I generally do not confront them with their UNHAPPY poutiness.

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