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  Your Relationship With God (Page 1 of 2)  

What is (or is not) your relationship with God/your-higher-power/your-higher-self/or whatever-you-call-Him/Her/It? For purposes of simplification here, I shall call ALL of the above God.

What are your beliefs about your dance with God? Does God lead, do you lead, is it you leading sometimes and God leading sometimes, or does no one lead? The unhappiest folks seem to be those who believe that no one leads (athiests for example). Folks who get stuck often are often those that believe God leads all the time. If you agree with Conversations With God, then your answer is that YOU lead, for as stated in those conversations many times: God supports your will and has no other will for you. (Obviously, this is blasphemous to many.)

What is possible in a relationship with God? Is it only children who normally talk with God and adults like you and me are left with prayer? How about "God, this is me,....."? Or "I love you, God". Or "I feel your love, God." Do you think these are all OK and possible words for you? If you do not feel these feelings and say such words, then millions would say that you are missing a core resource in your life.

The words have been said zillions of times that "God's love is everywhere", so can you feel it right now? What is stopping you? All you have to do is turn your attention to the possibility and perhaps you will feel it in the location(s) in your body you feel love in other circumstances. If your relationship with God is essentially empty, then you have an emptiness that you are likely to try to fill with smoking, drinking, overeating, or some other addictive behavior.

Two groups of folks have relatively poor relationships with God: 1.those who never call upon God and 2.those who call upon God only when they need/want something. Such relationships are common, yet so lacking in depth and caring compared with what is possible.

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