Types of Psychic Abilities & Their Awakening/Development

Excerpt from Chapter 5 - Spiritual Traps & Treadmills

People with superior innate psychic skills have often judged me as being afraid when I admit that (despite years of moderate sporadic effort) my psychic skills are minimal. Their judgments work well to keep them unaware of their own fears. They are trapped in this judgment of me by their one-size-fits-all mentality. Innately, people just do not have equal psychic skills.

There are other psychic skills. For example, a few folks are able to channel higher guides without having lower astral plane skills. Another example is someone like me who has almost no fear of emotions; I find it relatively easy to channel and heal the emotional pain of those who have passed on. Those with the more ordinary types of psychic skills usually do not recognize these different-from-the-norm psychic abilities as valuable.

No Psychic Skills Trap. Those without psychic abilities are also easily trapped. Because they recognize their lack of abilities, they often venerate those with such capabilities. They join groups with important leaders who have the ability to tune into the "good psychic stuff." This causes followers with limited or no psychic skills to generally replicate their childhood patterns where they sold themselves out mentally and psychologically to adapt their personalities to their parents.

Pay attention to how the soul does communicate with you (by giving you dreams, hunches, impulses, and things-that-bother-you). Know that even the most accomplished psychics lose their way occasionally, even Jane Roberts:

"Dear soul, I'm awed.
Did I once say your words were cold?
I take it back.
I wrote and didn't feel you answering
and I got scared.
Then your reply
Wrote itself upon my world, and the letters came alive.
How could I ever doubt that you were real?"
      Psychic Politics, Jane Roberts (1976, p. 36)

If you seem to have few psychic skills, then I strongly suggest that you study the books I recommend in Chapter 16. By that means, you have the ability to get much further along spiritually than people do with great psychic abilities who so often wind up in perpetual detours.

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