Finding Your Soul Source

Excerpt from Chapter 1 - Overview

For this book, soul = essence = higher-self which I define as the intermediary consciousness between your conscious personality and God-Tao. For this book I shall use several different words for God, all meaning the same thing: God = Tao = Allah = All That Is = Higher Power. Your soul (one for you and one each for everyone else) creates and arranges for all your life experiences that are not created/arranged by your conscious self. Your soul is dedicated to getting its planned work done by you this incarnation. Thus, it will keep feeding you repetitive challenges and difficulties until you consciously learn the appropriate Earth School lesson(s).

"And as for the souls which inhabit these bodies, no one can destroy them. The soul cannot be wounded by weapons, burned by fire, dried by the wind or drowned in water." Discourses on the Gita, (Gandhi, 1930, p. 10)

One challenge frequently associated with more consciously aligning with your soul source is that your optimal path and your challenges are likely to be very different from your friends' and neighbors' paths. We often tend to adopt popular ideas about what it looks like to be spiritual with no recognition that such ideas may be inappropriate for us and prevent significant spiritual development.

Personal Example. Only a minority possesses the natural gift of psychic sensitivity. In the Human Design System there are three channels customarily called mystical channels. Most of us, including this author, do not have any of the three. For years, I admired people with the capabilities to read past lives, to tune into the astral plane, to sense what others are thinking, etc. My own capabilities, despite some reasonable efforts over the years, never amounted to much (except in the area of channeling emotions). In the moment of a class or workshop, I would display reasonable capabilities, which would dribble away to nothing over perhaps a week's time. I bought the idea that fear likely caused my psychic failures. In recent years, as I have understood more about aligning with soul source, it has become obvious to me that my soul does not want me to have that capability (as of yet).

Instead of admiring psychically capable folks these days, I find myself looking clearly at them, appreciating them, valuing them and hiring them where I need them. My life path is to help people align with their soul sources and no psychic capabilities on their parts are required to achieve better alignment. If I had great psychic capabilities, psychically-challenged students might tend to admire my psychic capabilities instead of pursuing alignment with their souls more fully.

A common desirable example of soul alignment concerns anger. Because of our past traumas, most all of us have underlying childhood pain, rage and grief. We will likely cover over these difficult feelings if we are following the dictates of "anger is not spiritual" or "be in the moment." This covering over of childhood feelings keeps the underlying childhood fears hidden. The most spiritual advancement comes, in my opinion, from aligning yourself increasingly with your loving fearless soul. This cannot and will not happen if you have significant inner fear. For most all of us, there is major work to be accomplished to rid ourselves of inner fears. This usually takes at least several years and perhaps many lifetimes.

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Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze


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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "For example, men in this culture historically have made the choice not to feel sadness and grief (i.e., choice A). The result is a wide array of acting-out behavior such as unreasonable anger or drug/ alcohol/ sexual/ gambling addictions."