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Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Spiritual Tools

People do resist! I vividly remember a phone conversation with an old friend. He and I had spent much time together during the years when I was strongly involved with nuclear propulsion, radiological controls, reactor physics and duplicate bridge (a card game). After not talking with that scientific friend for several years, I renewed his acquaintance by telephone one afternoon. During the conversation, I playfully mentioned something astrological, perhaps something like "maybe your moon is in Aquarius." He was shocked that I had come to believe in any such foolishness. He obviously thought that my mind was going soft and that I should discard such bath-water concepts. However, I think it is more a question of separating the astrological baby from the bath water than labeling everything bath water.

In my opinion, you will not find the astrological baby in the daily, weekly, or monthly columns, or in the yearly books published for your birth sign. I would agree that those sources of information are mostly bath water. Your birth chart, on the other hand, typically does give useful information about trends and tendencies you naturally possess.

Fun Exercise. Get your astrological birth chart done, complete with conjunctions, oppositions, squares and trines. Consult a text such as The Astrologer's Handbook (Sakoian, 1973) on how to interpret the chart's features. In almost all cases, those who try this exercise will discover that the interpretations are far more accurate than would be expected from anything that was wholly bath water.

Astrology shows influences, tendencies and likelihoods. If we choose, we always can go against these predilections, often to our significant pain and discomfort. Reincarnation ideas fit astrology very well, for the astrological birth chart reveals Earth School lessons that have been chosen for this lifetime. There will not be 100% accuracy, perhaps only 50% accuracy, because astrology shows tendencies not the actual outcome. But the experience of that 50% accuracy usually boggles the minds of unbelievers. It often changes their minds about the validity of astrological information. Your birth chart shows lessons for your entire life. Therefore, part of it will not be accurate today but was correct yesterday or will be correct in your future.

Also, I have found the transits of the outer planets to the birth chart to be quite accurate in terms of predicting when and in what areas significant life choices and life events will occur. However, as a predictor of exactly what will happen, I have not found astrology particularly useful unless the astrologer is also a competent psychic who can tune into probable future events. (If the future depends at least partially upon decisions we make between now and then, psychics will always have a few errors in their predictions.)

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