Getting What You Want via Law of Attraction

Excerpt from Chapter 7 - Law Of Attraction

(Unwanted news - these methods only work part of the time.)

The Law of Attraction Theory: Publicized widely these past few years has been the idea that you can always get what you want if you apply the law of attraction correctly. (This law has been variously called The Secret, manifesting destiny, getting what you want, achieving spiritual success, ask and ye shall receive, and ask and it is given.) So how are you supposed to accomplish this? The recommended process has three steps:

1. Decide what you want.
2. Believe it to be happening.
3. Watch it manifest.

It looks simple, doesn't it? Quickly deciding what we want is easy. We usually decide things like that all the time. However, a frequent difficulty is deciding whether what we want is really what we want. Or, is it worth the effort? Is that Ferrari really what you want or would your efforts be better placed in some other direction? Or, why not try to manifest feeling more peaceful inside instead of trying for that exciting Ferrari? Will you be truly satisfied if you get what you want? Is what you want possible? These are all questions that have great bearing upon what you get and whether you get it. So let's assume that you decide to get the Ferrari.

You need to visualize it happening (step 2 above). Picture yourself driving that big red Ferrari, collecting admiration and envy from passersby, feeling on top of the world, drag-racing lesser vehicles and enjoying it immensely. Keep on with the visualizations and images every day. Because these visualizations are vivid and draw the experience to you, then eventually that red Ferrari will show up in your life, if the law of attraction works.

Sometimes it does. More often, you will find that it seems to fail. So, did you do things wrong, or are there other laws which supersede the law of attraction? Yes and yes, for a variety of reasons.

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