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© 2008 by Thayer White
Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze


Table of Contents

Ch 1 ~ Overview
Ch 2 ~ Measuring Spirituality
Ch 3 ~ Spiritual Ideas and Choices
Ch 4 ~ Basic New Age Spirituality
Ch 5 ~ Traps and Treadmills
Ch 6 ~ Spiritual Tools
Ch 7 ~ Getting What You Want
Ch 8 ~ Thinking
Ch 9 ~ Your Body as Spiritual Vehicle
Ch 10 ~ Psychology
Ch 11 ~ Emotions
Ch 12 ~ Six Recommended Systems
Ch 13 ~ Essentials of Four Religions
Ch 14 ~ Evaluating Systems
Ch 15 ~ Perceived Essence Contact
Ch 16 ~ Five Year Spiritual Plan
Ch 17 ~ Our Futures
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  More Spiritual Peace
  Life Plan - Personal Example
  Happier Meaning of Life
  Psychic Skills, Intuition & Powers
  Psychic Abilities & Their Awakening/Development

Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: "Do you routinely ignore your body and its signals, as you might ignore a carcass alongside the highway? Is your body dull and lifeless, like a carcass? If so, you may be like many psychotherapy clients who have the mistaken impression that just doing verbal psychotherapy will eventually make them happy."