Body Measurements - Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Excerpt from Chapter 2 - Measuring Spirituality

Your teacher may not want to hear questions about his/her blood pressure or pulse rate. But if your teacher is to have credibility in terms of telling you how to find a measure of inner peace, then how can that teacher justify a less than optimum blood pressure? I do not claim enlightenment is near for me, nor do I believe I am in my last incarnation. Nevertheless, my bodily measurements (see next page) show a large degree of peacefulness and what I perceive to be significant alignment with my soul.

Any bodily measurement can be "beaten" by use of drugs, exercise, meditation, biofeedback, or by various shamanic practices of body control. While "good" results do not prove the presence of less tension, they do indicate it. Some want definitive proof. If you need definitive proof, you may be avoiding solutions by failing to add together various indicators to arrive at the most logical conclusions.

For decades, Dr. Arthur Janov has tested his primal therapy clients before and after therapy sessions to determine how much their tension levels have decreased. Not only have his clients shown significant changes in tension levels most every session, but most also show lower levels of tension when measured months and years later.

I personally have tested a few people who have undergone primal therapy and discovered that they, on average, do show less tension than the norm. In my small sample, about half showed optimum blood pressure. The average of their heart rates was 65 beats per minute, about ten beats below that expected. Fingertip temperatures averaged 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This is four degrees above average, revealing much less fight/flight tension.

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