Byron Katie: Loving What Is II

Excerpt from Chapter 12 - Six Spiritual Disciplines

Personally, I have followed psychological paths that emphasize childhood and past life sources of my angst and pain rather than the cognitive aspects. I believe that Byron Katie's work will not be totally successful for people who still need some major childhood explorations. But, Katie's method is a much easier path for most everyone. Try it out. If it seems to dead-end for you, then you may need to read Janov's work (1970, 1991) on primal therapy. Katie herself, obviously, is open to and does some significant childhood explorations with people she is trying to help. An example of such exploration is, "Mom Didn't Stop the Incest," (Katie, 2002, p. 249).

A useful adjunct to Katie's work may be found online and free to read in its entirety; this is Kaufman's book To Love Is to be Happy With, available at the Option Institute's website. Kaufman's book is a slightly different approach (from Katie's) to changing oneself via cognitive methods.

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