Healing Your Body - Bodily Health & Care

Excerpt from Chapter 9 - Your Body

Healing Your Body - Bodily Health & Care There are many conditions in which your body attempts to heal itself and/or make significant bodily changes: injury, disease, a common cold, overwork, dieting, over-exercise, drug withdrawal, major climate change, or significantly increased exercise program. All these conditions accelerate internal cellular activity and generate additional needs for helpers for the purpose of ridding the body of old worn out cells/toxins and generating new healthy cell structures. I suggest two helpers for each of the above less-than-optimum body conditions:

Helper #1 - Imagination/Visualization. For any of the above bodily conditions, I always recommend that you imagine and visualize a healthy body. Whatever parts of your body show the need for healing are the parts that need to be emphasized in your visualization process. Be prepared to do some psychological work, for visualization will often bring up difficult unfinished business. Chapter 7, Getting What You Want, has more information on manifesting what you wish, in this case a healthy body.)

Helper #2 - Supplements. Usually, I take no helping supplements (such as vitamins, minerals or Omega 3). But temporarily, when I am injured, dieting, sick, or ramping up an exercise program, I do take several supplements designed to heal/repair/build my body as rapidly as possible. What I take are: zinc, cayenne pepper capsules, fish oil softgels, Vitamin C and a B vitamin complex.

Caution: Please get physician approval for these supplements where appropriate and especially for any condition for which you have sought out medical advice.

All the above supplements, readily available without prescription, help me repair the parts of my body that need it. I use them only temporarily.

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