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In these pages, I have included many ideas that will challenge your thinking, emotions and spirituality. Early readers of this book often reacted strongly, with words such as "compelling, challenging, unique, tough, wonderful, a bit overwhelming, valuable, daunting, and Wow!"

Challenges often trigger fears and cause a stirring-up-inside. How you respond to such stirring-up (tension) will determine, in large part, how much you gain from the reading and study of this book. If you treat the tension as a signal that you need to grow, then I think you will maximize your gains from this book. If you treat the tension by reaching for a feel-good-pacifier, by avoiding further reading, or by criticizing this book/author, then your gains will be minimal.

Most people reading my first book, Be Your Own Therapist, read only a few pages at a time. This may be your pattern while reading this book. That is to be expected when difficult ideas challenge you. Because there is significant overlap between the ideas of this book and Be Your Own Therapist, about twenty percent of these pages will be similar to or almost the same as those written thirteen years ago.

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Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze


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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: " If your paid therapist has objections to a joint discussion of growth and healing goals, perhaps it is time to examine and discuss your relationship with that therapist."