What Do Channeling Experts Have to say about Personal Spiritual Channeling?

Excerpt from Chapter 6 - Spiritual Tools

Roman and Packer (1987, p. 121) state: "If the answers activated a strong emotional response in me, it would break the connection" (with the guide). Stalking Wolf (Brown, 1994, p. 112) taught: "You should never even think of asking Inner Vision for answers that involve the self, only for things that will help others and our Earth Mother." Michael (Yarbro, 1986, p. 108) states: "Where personal information is desired, it is most beneficial to permit a fragment to channel it other than herself."

Most attorneys would agree with the old saying that "those who represent themselves in court have fools for lawyers." Foolish too are those who channel for themselves and then believe that what comes through is high guidance.

Talking Boards (like the Ouija). A talking board can be quite useful for those starting along the channeling path or for those who would like to experiment with their psychic capabilities. If its use appeals to you, buy a board.

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