Christian Beliefs - Gutted Law of Attraction

Excerpt from Chapter 13 - Essentials of 4 World Religions

Christianity seems most different from the other three religions discussed in this chapter. Scholars have discovered that two millennia of church hierarchies have altered and changed the gospels to fit the hierarchies' own biases and beliefs. In this section I shall discuss three things left out of conventional Christianity that were part of it 2,000 years ago.

Reincarnation. The history of beliefs in reincarnation goes back to the dawn of time and was present among many, perhaps most, Christian followers two millennia ago. Then, during the Dark Ages, the Catholic Church decreed such beliefs sacrilegious. By so doing, they promoted the church's authority - why pay that much attention to my clergyman if I'll just cycle through again no matter whether I follow what he says or not? Why fear hell and damnation if I just come back here to earth if I fail to do it right this time around? One would expect that clergy concerned with their own power and influence over their followers would come to consider the idea of reincarnation extremely sacrilegious. So they did. The words of Christ, as written in the gospels, however, seem to neither condemn nor approve the idea. The topic apparently is not specifically mentioned.

A Gutted Law of Attraction. In Chapter 7, I mentioned the three aspects of the law of attraction: wanting, believing and receiving. In the Bible in the book of Matthew this has come down to us as "seek and ye shall receive." What was left out of Matthew was the crucial second step. Nevertheless, we discover in the Gospel of Thomas (not usually included in the Bible) that this crucial second step is there.

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