Characteristics of a Cult Leader

Excerpt from Chapter 5 - Spiritual Traps & Treadmills

Because gurus, shamans, naguals and spiritual teachers are usually placed in spiritual positions above the rest of us, they always attract followers who want cult-like behaviors to develop in the group. Cult characteristics serve the needs of the adaptive child within, who attempts to create situations that help serve the wants of a five-year-old. These childish wants include a special relationship with the leader, hope for love (and a loving family) if one "acts right," and a covering-over of fear.

Anyone in a position of leadership/power has the ability to influence followers in unhealthy ways that promote attachment, dependence and childish behaviors. There are many ways that people trap themselves into believing they are following a great spiritual path/leader. Most people believe that they could never be trapped by anything resembling a cult; they are deluding themselves. Interviews with average folks (conducted by someone who in the past had recruited for cults) showed their great innocent willingness to be sucked into the web of manipulation.

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