Dalai Lama & Neale Donald Walsch

Excerpt from Chapter 14 - Evaluating Spiritual Disciplines

** Dalai Lama

There is much to like and appreciate about the current Dalai Lama. His face shows the openness of a free wide-open child. Yet he is not childish. He really looks as if he knows by experience what it means to be rolling on the floor laughing. He is the only teacher/guru/shaman I have seen whose photographs show such facial wide-openness. (Please see Chapter 2 for more about evaluating openness of faces.)

Unique, too, in my surveying of the literature is his description of what he calls the Giving and Taking Meditation (Dalai Lama, 2001, p. 104). In this meditation the pain of the world is taken in, and love to the world is given back. This requires feeling so much emotional pain and having so little inner fear that few on this planet will ever do this meditation. The Dalai Lama's discussion of this meditation indicates to me how well aligned he is with his soul.

I think he misses the mark when talking about compassion (see Chapter 11) and suffering (see Chapter 13); but otherwise, he provides a wealth of excellent ideas, well-thought-out spirituality and an admirable personal example.

** Neale Donald Walsch's God Books

Walsch has written several books about his conversations and his relationship with God. Some of his conclusions I suggested in Chapter 3 as valuable for readers of this book to adopt.

While I consider it valuable for people to read Walsch's words, I think that most folks wind up not changing themselves very much as a result of reading his books. If you are called to his books, then I suggest also making sure you include study of the other books that I have recommended in Chapter 16.

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