Life Plan/Task - Personal Example

Excerpt from Chapter 3 - Spiritual Ideas and Choices

It has only been in the past two years that I have come to recognize more accurately what my life task entails: namely, helping others become more aligned with their souls. Two years ago, I would have said that my life task entailed helping people psychologically, primarily with self-help methods. Yes, psychological self-help does generally help people somewhat align with their souls but I was unaware there was a wider life task into which I would grow.

This book is an obvious outgrowth of recognition of an expanded life task. Book decisions are being made by me right now that will cause this book to be more or less controversial, to include/exclude certain ideas and to be more or less successful in terms of copies sold/read. I really have no idea at times which choices are preferable; I can only surrender to the process. I have few "I wants" concerning the book. My major "I want" is to be as effective as I can be in helping others align with their souls, consistent with my retaining my health and happiness. If that means only two copies of this book are ever sold, so be it. I will be happier and more at peace with myself for having written the book to the best of my abilities than if I had continued pursuing my old perceived life task.

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