Three Valuable Spiritual Teachings

Excerpt from Chapter 12 - Six Spiritual Disciplines

Michael Teachings, Enneagram & Human Design System

I see four major benefits to study of these three teachings. They help us:

1. To see our adaptive personalities (as well as our positive and negative qualities) more clearly,
2. To avoid becoming infatuated with spiritual teachings,
3. To see what our souls desire and
4. To be more able to love what is.
Benefit #1. I am using adaptive personality throughout this book as a term to describe the personality that we adopted as children to obtain the most approval/attention from parents (and other adults). Study of these three systems provides ways of looking at ourselves and at our souls that are likely to be less colored by our adaptive personalities.

The Adaptive Personality Trap. For most of us, this old personality pattern is still vital. Typically, we hide from our awareness just how powerful this personality is today. Even those with years of therapy can be quite self-deceived.

Each of these three systems talks about adaptive personalities, but uses different words. In truth, they are talking about much the same thing. The Michael Teachings talk about fear-based "negative chief feature," the Human Design System talks about the "not self" and the Enneagram talks about "unhealthy ranges." By looking closely at our actions and ideas, some of the shenanigans of our adaptive personalities become obvious and we have a chance to change, if we so choose. These three systems all offer ways to self-evaluate using positive and negative qualities. The positive qualities are evidence of our true personalities, what our souls want for us this time around. The negative qualities are evidence of our adaptive personalities.

Benefit #2. People are unlikely to become addicted to or infatuated with these three spiritual disciplines. Hidden "spiritual" addiction and infatuation are major problems for many New Age people. Because these three systems discuss both the positive and the negative, there is much less likelihood of people pretending the negative doesn't exist (infatuation). Addiction (using one of these systems to feel good on an ongoing basis) is unlikely, because most things we use addictively need to consistently help us feel good. Pointing out our negative qualities, as these three systems do, does not help us consistently feel good.

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