Endurance Exercise/Training

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For endurance training, I hike 6-10 miles almost every day out in the national forest. This has been going on for the past 10 years with no special effort on my part, because I use this time for thinking, a necessary and enjoyable part of my life. If you have the top center in your Human Design Chart (see Chapter 12) energized, then I suggest you also find some way to get your endurance training joined with your thinking time. I don't mean to imply that enjoying nature and allowing myself to be in the non-thinking moment are absent from such hikes; they are important too.

Later note: in recent weeks I have reduced my gym time to twice a week and to be without aerobics. For cardiovascular fitness, I am now running three times a week for about 10 minutes each time out in the national forest. By the time you read this, I would expect my routines to have shifted several times; it is important not to get too much in a rut.

Later, later note: I am now back in the gym for about ten minutes of interval training twice a week (instead of running).

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