Muscular Endurance Training

Excerpt from Chapter 9 - Your Body

4. Muscular Endurance Training. Minimum amount recommended: seven hours a week. That amount may seem difficult but the key is to be doing your favorite endurance activity while doing something else at the same time. Start out easy! Gentle movement without being tired at the end is the initial goal.

If you spend much time on the phone, then you can grab your cell phone and go for a long hike or walk, calling a bunch of people along your way. Watch TV while gently and easily using a mini-trampoline, exercise bicycle, stair-stepper machine, or while jogging in place. If you are a marathon runner (or have significant aerobic activity in your life), then you likely already have seven hours a week spent on endurance. If long bouts of meditation are your thing, then do that while hiking. Chat with a friend while on a long walk.

All the above physical activities cause the release of good-feeling hormones into our bodies, "runner's high" being the most widely known example. They can become addictive if done regularly. To check for the possibility of addiction, a yearly vision quest is the best way I know (see Chapter 6).

The key to getting physical activities in your life is enjoyment. When you enjoy the activities, they are easy. Without enjoyment, they can become just another life struggle. Most of us have been inundated with many heavy directives about how long we should exercise. These directives are often too much for us in terms of lengths of time. Instead, reach for the minimums I have described above. Usually these minimums are relatively easy to accomplish and don't take significant willpower. If you still cannot find enjoyment in these minimum exercises, then I suggest a close look at the psychological issues associated with your body and exercise. When the psychological garbage is cleared away, then bodily enjoyment and pleasure will follow.

If you set your fitness goals too high, you will fail often. The best goal is a reasonable fitness level, not to be attached to the idea of a super-buffed body beautiful.

The sovereign invigorator of the body is exercise. Thomas Jefferson, 1762-1826

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