Golden Retriever Magic - ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) Story

Excerpt from Chapter 4 - Basic New Age Spirituality

One July night I dreamed of a severed dogleg, lying on the ground. My older golden retriever Pol, then 11 years old, had legs the approximate size, shape and color of the severed leg in my dream. "That age is near the end of a normal golden retriever life-span," my vet had told me two weeks before my dream. With my knowledge of the old Freudian idea (not 100% correct in my opinion) that all dreams are just wish fulfillment, the dream was not easy to tolerate. After much looking inward, I really found no wish on my part for either of my two dogs to be injured or dead. Therefore, I let the matter remain in doubt.

Eight weeks later, while taking my two retrievers along the beach for a September ocean swim, headed toward us was a three-legged Irish Setter. The shoulder wound associated with his missing leg was as might be expected after eight weeks of healing. In addition, this Irish Setter was strongly emotionally wounded. He visibly drooped and exhibited a hangdog look that clearly said that life did not seem worth living for him. Surprisingly, my dogs, Pol and Tasha, approached him individually and somewhat calmly, instead of making their typical boisterous joint charge toward other canines. Within the space of two minutes of dog sniffing and circling, it was obvious that the Irish Setter's feelings had changed from, "Life is not worth living" to "Ain't life grand?" The woman with the Irish Setter, whom I had never before met, just said two words to me, "Thank you." We then parted.

So what happened? Some may think it random chance that I dreamed of a severed dogleg about the time of the Irish Setter's accident. On the other hand, the half of this country's population now believing in ESP would be of a different opinion. ESP and precognition, rather than amazing coincidence, seem better explanations for my dream at the time of the Irish Setter's accident (two months before we were all to meet). To doubters - do you really think my dream was coincidence? To believers - yes, I know I left out talk of the probable agreements between the woman and myself.

P.S. For another four years, my two dogs and I lived happily together without injury to either of them.

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