Exercise Program (see Chapter 9)

Excerpt from Book Appendices

My own physical activities have developed over the years to now include all four of the paths described in Chapter 9 (stretching, aerobics, strength and endurance). I am not obsessive about any of them; and when I travel (currently about four weeks a year), I usually let most of them totally slide.

For stretching, I wake up on most mornings and do 2-3 stretches for about thirty second each while I am still in bed. These are basic yoga moves/positions that aren't anything special except they stretch my body luxuriously and deliciously. I vary the positions occasionally.

For aerobics and for strength training, I visit a gym three times a week for about half an hour each time. Most gyms are set up these days for you to obtain quality aerobics and strength training with little risk of injury, provided you are reasonable and don't try to "conquer the world" in one workout. For aerobics I use a cross-trainer (upright stance, pedaling with my legs and moving my arms forward and back) for 10 minutes, getting my heart rate up to 70% of maximum. I work at ten strength machines for about 2 minutes each, very gradually increasing the weights lifted as months go by. These weight machines include training for my legs, arms, shoulders, back and abdominals.

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Excerpt from Be Your Own Therapist: " Most bodywork therapies attempt gently or more forcefully (ask any potential practitioners whether their methods are gentle or more forceful) to change your body by physical manipulation in the direction of enhanced well-being and wholeness. This manipulation is an attempt to eliminate physical and/or psychological problems that manifest in the body as stiffness, dullness, coolness, misalignment, lifelessness or muscle knots."