Spirituality - Truth or Quackery?

Excerpt from Chapter 4 - Basic New Age Spirituality

Spirituality is defined (Oxford, 1980) as "life and consciousness away from the body." This definition can be useful, for it neither implies nor denies the presence of some organized religion. Is there life or consciousness away from our bodies? If so, what is it? Can we experience some of it without having to "take it on faith?"

Popular literature recently has been full of discussions of such matters, from out-of-body experiences to near-death experiences to past life regression therapy. Is all this hocus-pocus or is there truth among the many claims?

You may believe that we are just our bodies and that our consciousness dies with our bodies. Such a belief causes distress (life at all costs is one major area of distress caused by such a belief). There are many opportunities in today's world to experience something different. One possibility for a different experience is to try for some OBE (out-of-body experience) by studying Monroe's book, Journeys Out of The Body, a classic work about OBEs. To play with projecting your consciousness somewhere else, you can try the spoon bending mentioned later in this chapter. Alternatively, talk with someone who has had a near-death experience. (You have heard about it - the tunnel, the white light and looking back at the body). You could also try to reach your past lives' experience via hypnosis, also described later in this chapter. The above are just some of the current opportunities for direct experience of your spirituality. Are you afraid of such direct experience? Most find such experiences fun.

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